On the Nikkor.com page an article has been published some month ago about the core pro-range lens set, known to many as the “Holy Trinity” and called the “Three Big Dragons” by Nikon.

I do not fully agree on the definition of the second generation set. From my point of view the AF-S 80-200mm 2,8 belongs to this generation and not the 70-200mm 2,8 VR 1.

However, thre is a very remarkable sentence contained about the designer of the 35-70mm 28 lens, who might have had a very hard job, leading to other hard consequences:

“We’ll start with the AF Zoom NIKKOR 35-70mm f/2.8 standard zoom lens, which was developed in 1987 by the hard-drinking optic designer Kiyotaka Inadome. “

Which employee does not dream about being mentioned decades later on the corporate website in such a honorable way?