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German website in preparation

GERFor all German visitors, an alternative page in German will be available soon. Currently the site is in preparation, not all content has been translated or even proof-read yet: .

Review of R1C1 / R1 macro flash kit added

A first review of the already ten year old R1 / R1C1 macro flash kit is online. It will be interesting to see, if this kit will be updated to the new radio trigger system of the SB-5000 in the near future, or if is just being sold in parallel.

Sales of the kit seem to have been moderate. Currently sold SB-R200 flash heads have a serial number of 217****, which would indicate a production volume of a bit more than 170.000 individual flash heads. If we assume that at least 2/3rds of those were sold as part of a R1 or R1C1 flash kit, this would make a bit more than 55.000 kits with two SB-R200’s included in ten years.

What a day for Nikon enthusiasts! D5 and D500 announced.

The D5 was already pre-announced and leaks during the last few weeks provided enough information already. Therefore the actual specification do not come as a big surprise.

The D500 will hit many people as a very big surprise. Most of us had given up hope for a pro-DX body long time ago. I published an editorial complaining about the lack of a D300s successor in 2013, latest in 2014  I also had given up hope.

The D500 comes in a “real” body (at least that is what press pictures indicate), provides an AF-ON button, offers 10 fps frame rate without completely breaking the bank for the first time in years, provides a moderate resolution at 20 MP and even comes with a rounded eyepiece! To provide one XQD slot is – in my opinion – also a very wise decision.

I was all set to drool over the D5 tonight, but the D500 steals the show absolutely. Today many people waiting for a D300/s replacement will be very, very happy.

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